PIXLUM lights can be divided into two categories: lighting dots also known as "PixLEDs™" and suspensions.





PixLED™ are very small yet resistant lighting sources that can be inserted directly by hand into PixBOARD™ foam panels.

But, as the main face of the PixBOARD™ plaster is harder, to insert the PixLED in these one you will need the PixTOOL double and the PixTOOL Push LED accessories.

They are very thin, flat and have a shelf life of approximately 40 000 hours. They come in six different colors (blue, green, red, yellow, gold and pink) and two shades of white (cool and warm), both available in three levels of brightness. 

These lighting dots will allow you to create designs, star ceilings and messages, for interior design as well as events, communication, pictures, etc. 

For more information, please refer to our data sheet: Instruction for use - PixLED

In order to give more volume to your lights, you can decorate them with PIxCAPs™ which can be clipped directly onto the PixLEDs™. Made of light diffusing PMMA, they come in various shapes (cubes, cones, spheres, etc.) and will not fail to bring an additional touch of uniqueness to your lighting creations. 



PIXLUM also offers a range of sober and elegant suspensions that can be positioned at will. This will allow you to choose even at the last minute where to place every lighting element, even after being done decorating the room. You will also be able to create large scale chandeliers by multiplying the lighting sources. 

For more information, please refer to our data sheet: Instruction for use - PixLUM