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Artibat 2018


PIXLUM will participate to the next “ARTIBAT” show. The show will take place in the city of RENNES in France from October 24 to 26. ARTIBAT is the must-see building fair as BATIMAT for the French market. We hope to see you there.

Japan Home & Building Show 2018

Japan Home & Building Show 2018


PIXLUM will participate to the next “Japan & Building show 2018”. The show will take place in Tokyo from November 20 to 22. This will be the largest conglomerate Exhibition for housing and building industry in Japan. We hope to see you there.

Tableau Lumineux (rétro éclairé)

Backlit illuminated pictures


This month's product : LED strips

In our last newsletter, we promoted illuminated pictures. Today, we offer this product which complements them to perfection which adds both depth and refinement to all your creations in a harmonious way : PIXLUM LED strips.

The strips can be fastened to the back of your pictures and draw their power from the panels themselves. For this application, we offer LED strips in either warm or cool white (drivers and dimmers can also be purchased). With PIXLUM, that which used to be a simple framed picture becomes a decorative light that is both delicate and original.


Graphismes lumineux (Chambre)

Graphic designs : paint with light


Stencil + PixLED = Artwork

PIXLUM should not be limited to star ceiling applications. Draw the silhouette of a monument, the waves and curves of a river, the outline of a plant or repclicate several geometrical shapes to transform your PIXLUM wall into a jewellery case and light into a gem.

These results are very easy to attain. Print your design on a sheet of paper, place that stencil against your wall and use your PixTOOL DOUBLE tool to mark your panel through the stencil. Once this is done, remove the stencil and insert the LEDs following that design.  Child's play for a result without equal.


CSF 2017 (Logo)

Créations & Savoir-faire 2017 (DIY)


For this event dedicated to arts and crafts, PIXLUM presented a collection of illuminated pictures associated with LED strips for backlighting. This combination worked like a charm as we have sold over 150 pictures on our stand !

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