The Concept



PIXLUM will free you from the constraints of wiring. It is a hybrid technology between a power cord, a gypsum board and a lamp that brings an end to individual electrical outlets. 


The concept comprises three main product categories:


The boards are just as easy to install as traditional dry wall panels and they allow you to supply power to an entire decorative surface, not just one electrical outlet. All you have to do once installed is to insert the lighting elements that are equipped with one or two pins into the panels for them to safely light up.  

All your walls and ceilings will become electrical conductors that will allow you to position easily and at will stars and lamps anywhere onto their surface. 


With this light, flexible, simple and fun product, you will very quickly become your own lighting designer. Entire ceilings will turn into star fields or chandeliers for trendy, fairy-like, sober or vibrant atmospheres.


► For more information on our products, download the Brochure 2015 or the latest Catalogue 2019 in pdf.