Business Model

How does the integration into the PIXLUM network work?

PIXLUM needs to verify its potential business partner's adherence to its corporate values as well as its personal investment. This is why integration is carried out in several stages.

First, the partner becomes the exclusive PIXLUM distributor on his territory for a period of one year. In exchange for that prerogative he will have to purchase a minimum stock upon signing the agreement (quantities are to be determined jointly according to the assessed potential sales on the territory) and research the following points:

  • Verify the products' compliance with local regulations
  • Check transport costs for all products to his region to avoid prohibitive prices
  • Begin sales
  • Assess the potential market for the product as well as all necessary investments
  • Establish a marketing strategy
  • Draw a business plan for the future Joint Venture.

Should the partner show that he is still missing some vital information to complete these steps by the end of the exclusive distribution period, a renewal of this period can be envisaged, though he will have to purchase additional stock.

Then, both partners discuss the feasibility of the project which is the opening of a PIXLUM international franchise as a Joint Venture. PIXLUM® will hold a minority share in this new company, leaving all management powers to the partner who will however have to stay true to PIXLUM's graphic charter and corporate values.

Once part of the network, you will benefit from the support and tools brought to you by PIXLUM international as well as the experience of its partners throughout the world. 

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