PIXLUM boards are electrical conductors shaped like gypsum boards (250 x 120 cm). They are white, light and dustless and can be installed very easily with PIXLUM's selection of screws. They can supply up to 150 W in SELV.

2.1 Visuel panneaux mousse

PixBOARD FOAM™ panels are ideal for ceiling installations because of their weight and for short-lived creations such as point of sales advertising and buffets or for the creation of smaller decorative objects such as pictures and world maps. Their surface is white and printable and they are completely dustless.

2.1 Visuel panneau platre

PixBOARD PLASTER™ panels, with international patent, are extremely resistant which makes them perfect for wall decorations and public spaces. Their edges are tapered just like plasterboards, their implementation identical, and their top layer is made of plaster which guarantees an excellent grip on the light's pins. 



In order to avoid any short circuit, PIXLUM offers a range of surface treated and electrically insulating screws (PixSCREW™ and PixANCHOR™) which have been developed specifically to be used with PIXLUM products.