Distribution tools

PIXLUM international has created a range of tools to allow its partners to start developing its activities under the best conditions: 

  • A technical and sales training allowing both partners to discuss PIXLUM as a product and all its implications
  • "The partner's binder", an exhaustive documentation giving answers to all the questions that are or could be asked by distributors, installers and end customers with many marketing tips, both strategic and operational 
  • A fully built commercial website that needs to be translated in the partner's local language to help him start sales right away

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  • Source documents for all sales material for him to print out as is or after having translated them as well as our graphic charter to help  him use both brand and logo
  • Demonstration tools (cases and kits) to be redistributed within your own network
  • The support and experience of the PIXLUM international team available at any time to answer his questions and help him face the challenges he'll meet. 

Once a member of the PIXLUM franchise network, he will also be able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of all other members